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a proper weekend of twisty roads

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Hello! firstly, i feel like i'm way behind having not posted any pics of my monster or anything, but i joined about 6 months agao when i was on crutches and this site pretty much sold me on the monster. it sat for 3 months and then i began to enjoy it. last week i got the 14T sprocket and got my cyclecat clip-ons fitted. and man it is awesome!!!

So it's only a 620 but that suits me best, and on the weekend i had two days of riding twisty roads like never before. leaning the bike in harder than i've done before and really getting a feel for it. the clip-ons are absolutely magical and have corrected the numbness i was getting on the stock bars. and they're schweeet!

On the ride home i was inadvertently sharing the trip with a guy on a buell. he seemed eager so i let him lead and on the first straight he ripped it up. kept on his tail with no trouble, and then we hit the curves. i felt like i was on a zimmer frame having to follow him as he rolled his hunk of junk through the bends. So i passed and really hit them up. dropped back and waited for him to show again and sure enough he rumbles past on the straight after i dribbled along at 80 waiting for him. And then through the next half an hour of twisty road he couldn't shake me.

ah the monster. lovely. and i would post a pic but it's just a monster with clip-ons. looks like all the others until i get my custom striping done!
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only a 620? plenty of fun to be had there ;D

congrats on the new bike!
you've got a lot of great rides ahead of you. enjoy.
Congratulations on the bike, and shaming the "Own the corners" Buell. [laugh]

Disclaimer: Buells really do handle well (if the rider knows what they're doing), just in this case, the slogan seemed quite amusing. :)
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