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I was riding a couple days ago coming down a hill (not steep at all) and pulled over for a second. I put the bike in nuetral and let the clutch out. Then I start to here a little rattling. I start looking around and it sounded like it was coming from the left side by the shifter, I assume the trans. It sounded like little pebbles swirling around, not loud at all. I put the bike in 1st tried to take off, went a few feet and the bike shut off. Started the bike tried to put it in nuetral but it didn't want to go. This happened a few time and then I took of, and it was fine all the way home. Anyone have any ideas?

in neutral my 750 sounds like marbles too, supposed to be normal ducati sound.

Sounds like your bike did what mine did, false neutral. I was going down a hill too after coming to a stop, shifted but the bike went between gears.
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