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Hey Ladies
I've had a good time reading about cha'll.. It's so great to know there are so many great women out there riding!

I got my Monster [2001 750 Dark] about 3 years ago.. and was asked by more than one person if it was some kind of mid-life crisis but anyone who knows me knows that I was one of those kids who every time I was around a horse or a motorcycle I needed to be on it. [When I told my mom that my hs bf had a bike -Old BMer dunno what.. her response was "of course he does"]

I was wooed on a Heritage Soft-tail [Harley] and we rode and rode and rode.. but I was getting tired of playing "cup-cake" [Lord I love that!! WAY better than "bitch"!] He got some piece of **** bike and I did the MSF class [for my 30th birthday] but the bike never ran..

Years later and now post husband, a friend, an old Tuner and X racer, helped me find this bike.. or it found me.. and it was love at first sight!

Two track days and two borrowed R6s later [one that didn't fair so well..] I've added a '90 FZR400 with hopes of doing CornerSpeed this fall..

My 10 year old is a demon on his PW 80 and we have plenty of fields to ride dirt bikes on..
I am blessed to live 20 mins from the Blue Ridge Mountains [and Parkway!] but also the land of "women who ride Sportsters 'cause their man ride a hog"..

I met a bunch of great Monster people at last year's Italian Motorcycle Fest in Shepardstown WVa but they were all from DC.. and I have been a slacker and haven't stayed in touch..

If anyone is ever in this area and looking for a tour guide to beautiful roads I am ALWAYS looking for girls to ride with!

Glad yer all out there!

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Stella got her groove back...

Greetings from Santa Barbara, CA!

I've been around/raised with motorcycles around my whole life... rode anything and everything I could get my hands and arse on. Then "life" took a detour (marriage/kids), important (to me) things (riding) fell by the wayside, then I (finally) woke up and gladly moved on (yes, I kept the kids...lol)

Always dreamed of having my own Duc (my mom rides a 907ie!) and I made it happen yesterday. Rode off on an overcast afternoon on my "new" 2005 620 Dark, purchased from a fellow Duc-lovin' lady who was just as happy as I was to know her baby was going to another Duc-lovin' home. I named her Stella on the spot, she's my dream come true. Some of you will recognize yourself in this story, and I am *THRILLED* to be here, to find a place to chat with other like-minded Ducati/Monster people and I'm especially happy to see how many ladies there are riding such amazing bikes! Anyway, blah blah blah... Just sayin' HI and hope to see you out on the road sometime. [thumbsup]
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