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a big "thank you" from Baltimore

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Thank you so much for helping me out with the boat lift. It was so nice of Ducaticulture to show and help out with never having been here before and meeting for the first time. You're welcome here any time.

For those who missed out, there was some good food and drink as reward for the grunt work. And of course all are welcome for sailing whether helping out or not.

I hope to post some sailing videos of "pisces" soon to keep people going through the winter.

Thanks again. It made a huge difference to my "to do list" and I am very thankfull for the help.

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I always happy to lend a hand to a friend... of course, the food and the promise of sailing in the spring actually makes the decision.
no problem... it wasn't really all that hard, plus i got a great meal and free cigar out of it [thumbsup]
thanks for letting us stick around to watch the racing AND not telling us how the season ended even though you cheated and found out earlier ;D
Wonderful day. Had an absolute blast. Sally and I can't wait to sal in the spring. [thumbsup]
Give thank for the opportunity and being near the earths water. [thumbsup]
kim & I had a cool time and it was great seeing fellow camers.
That brie was incredible. ;D
Lawyers Dad said:
The monster seems to be a distraction from boating, want me to hold it for you?
Sounds like a future camer/DMLER [laugh]
Yeah, My Dad's down here quite a bit and will be full time soon (anyone want to buy a restored 100-year-old bank in Maine?).

For those that don't remember earlier posts, the screen name was funnier when I was "Lawyer" before changing to Statler.

Boat cover is a 1 1/2 person job so wasn't sweating it yesterday.

You just have to get on board with Gwendy getting a bike so you can borrow it and we can go out riding while the women do something else fun like clean gutters or mow the lawn.
Har har! You guys are funny. Reminds me alot of me and my dad. He doesnt ride, but we both sail.

I was gonna come and help until i decided to accompany my wife to NC on her Polish pottery pickup. You see, Charlotte BMW-Ducati had a 2002 ST4s in excellent condition a price that was right in my ballpark. I say had, because i now have it.
Sorry I missed out, unfortunately my weekends are in the middle of the week. :(
So YOU're the guy celebrating Halloween today!
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