99 Ducati monster well maintained and low miles 21,XXX Miles. Looking for $4500
Just had serviced at Commonwealth Motorsports in Louisville (Have reciepts for everything!)
Makuni Carbs cleaned and Rebuilt by Ducati
K&N Pod Filters
New Timing chain and rollers just done by Ducati (I also painted horizontal and vertical timing covers gloss black to match fairings)
QD Ex-Box Exhaust + 30 month extended warranty (also have oem exhaust cans, and another set of carbon fiber cans and full pipes) 3 different exhausts altogether.
Clip on handlebars (also have oem handlebars, risers and square clamp painted black with bolts )
I Painted the top triple tree black to match the black clip ons and New black brake and clutch levers with red adjusters.
Also, the new levers have new clutch and front brake master cylinders
Ducabike fully adjustable Rearsets
2 New Michelin Pilot tires
New o-ring gold 520 chain and new front and rear sprockets
Also I replaced rear shock with a better slightly used one because Ducati said mine was leaking
New battery
Valves checked by Ducati
New brakes
New fork seals
New rear brake master Cylinder
New fuel filter
New spark plugs and wires from Ducati
Spiegler red color braided Hydraulic Clutch line
New Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder CLU-0116
(Also have a spare kbike never used Clutch Slave Cylinder for later use)( bought 2 mistakenly and never returned the kbike Slave cylinder)
HID headlight integrated
New rear tailight
New front turn signals that flow yellow outwards in the direction you want to turn, they also flash white when using the front brake as an extra night time precaution.
I just recently bought a set of rear mirrors that screw onto the brake and clutch levers but also have a pair of handle bar end mirrors I have yet to replace with those with.

I literally just spent $2K to have this bike serviced at Ducati last month and have papers to show everything I've bought and had done has been through Ducati or OEM original used parts from people around the globe. The QD Ex-box Exhaust was $1300 and had shipped from 🇮🇹 Italy 🇮🇹 to my house in january and just put it on a few weeks ago and have recipt for it with 30 month extended warranty through QD.

I bought the bike for $2800 last year and i hardly put no miles on it because I bought it with problems and didn't know because it was my first street bike and I jumped on it because it's a Ducati, and I've always wanted a Ducati, so it spent most of the winter at Ducati while I tracked down the carbs and some other OEM parts no longer available through Ducati. There is literally nothing this bike needs, it's an amazing starter bike and fun as hell on windy roads. I absolutely love it, Ijust can't ride it all day.
The only reason why I'm selling this bike is because I am 6'2 220lbs and I need something a little bigger. Granted with the clip ons and New Ducabike rearsets it's way more comfortable for me now but it's time for me to find something I can ride for more than 2 hours, this bike is perfect for someone in their 20's lol. I wish I could keep it and honestly make it a track bike to rip around track, but right now with 4 kids I can't afford 2 bikes so I'm selling her to finance a newer bike.

I am having issues uploading photos and videos so if anyone is I terested please co tsct me via here to send photos and video of the bike running.
Thank you