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OK, I might have the opportunity to buy a 96 Monster 900 later this summer. The bike belongs to my riding buddy--I know it has been well cared for, and I have ridden it, but I have some questions.

First off, I know the bike needs valve adjustments done (at least, so the owner tells me). Now, the closest Duc shop is 8 hours away--is this the kind of work a good driveway mechanic can do? (I was told I'd need access to various shims, etc.).

Secondly, the bike has no tach--which bugs me. Is there an aftermarket dash assembly for this bike that includes a tach? (a small fairing would be nice, too).

Yes, I did look at the Faq's, and they were informative--but nothing on these two issues.

Just for your info, the bike has high carbon aftermarket cans on it, and a small dent in the tank from a "garage drop." Otherwise pristine. I don't know the mileage.
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