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Since it looks like editing my original post from a couple of years ago is not possible, I'll repost in a fresh thread.

I have an early style 900 crankshaft that I rebuilt with new rod bearings and rod bolts only to find out that the early cranks (92-93) have six splines on the flywheel end versus 15 of the later models. Rods were checked for straightness and round journals. Oil clearance with the new bearing shells came out spot on. I installed it in the 95 motor, had it shimmed and bolted up when I discovered the difference in splines - Dohh! Rods are still installed on the crank and its ready to go into an early style motor. It won't work in the 94 and later motors because on this one the left snout is 10mm longer, the alternator rotor has to be a different length, different splines, and the left side covers are different. But it's a drop in for the early motor.

Asking $300.00 shipped to the lower 48 only. Negotiable.

I had a recent inquiry about it from a member here, so I have some fresh pictures I can send on request.

Contact me via email at mark13051-at-earthlink-dot-net since I don't check this forum as much as I used to. Or try a PM since I just reset options to notify me of PMs.
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