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900SS rearsets on Monster

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Anyone tried this? Had some work done over the weekend and the shop owner and I eyeballed some 900SS rearset. Looks as though they'll line right up to the Monster mounting points.

Might be a neat, inexpensive mod. Anyone tried it? If not, I'll give it a whirl.
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ooooh this one's of interest to me too, being 6'4" and all. I'd like a way to get my feet further back too without having to spend $500 - but higher up is bad.
Are the S&P rearsets more comfortable than the stock rearsets (i.e., further back, *not* higher than stock)? Or are they at least in the same position as stock? I'm looking for some new rearsets that look better than stock, but will not raise the pegs. Suggestions?
I can do without the extra ground clearance (at least for now - not scraping any hard parts yet). Do any of the other rearsets, such as Cycle Cat, Rizoma, FBF, Protek, Arrow, RCM, etc. allow for enough adjustment to get the pegs at/near the stock height?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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