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Ride Organizer: Ray Kang with support from Tony Kellen

Start: Nelson, WI, Beth's Twin Bluffs Cafe - Kickstands up at 9:00AM
End: Nelson, WI, Creamery
Distance ~250 mi.

This is a ride that I set up to run earlier in the season, but ended up being run by Greg Yager, when a family emergency came up for me. The ride will cover some of the best roads in southeastern WI including the Mindoro Cut, and Wildcat Mountain with lunch at the infamous Rockton BBQ. This ride is not appropriate for new riders. The pace will be around 2x marked speed in turns, 20+ the speed limit on straights, and the speed limit in towns.

The route will be available by Thursday. Due to road construction it will not be the same route, used on the original ride.

If you come on this ride, you agree to:
  • Carry a route sheet so you can follow the route while riding and ride independently. If you don't have a tank bag, many have just taped the route sheet to their gas tank in the past.
  • Be ready to ride: Full tank of gas, helmet, and jacket at an absolute minimum.
    [*]Maintain 2+ seconds of spacing between riders. DON"T ASSPACK YOUR BUDDIES!
    [*]No triple digits.
    [*]No passing on the right
    [*]Ride The Pace
  • LET ME KNOW NO LATER THAN NOON ON SATURDAY that you plan on going on the ride. The Rockton BBQ assures service to groups that call in advance to make a reservation. Without a reservation, it can easily take 2 hours or more to get served, we won't be waiting for anyone who didn't let me know they were coming to be served.[/indent]
Click here for more information on the MN-MSTA.

Anyone who wants to get an idea of what MSTA members are like before the ride, should swing by our monthly evening get together on 8/26 at the Galaxy Drive In, in St, Louis Park.
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