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Hi All,
My local dealer had a 796 that he let me keep for the Labor Day weekend.
It was all stock except he had put the Vance/Hines CS1 exhaust on.
I had purchased a 03 ZX12R from him some time ago and was thinking of a change to a Ducati of some sort, Monster.

The 1100 he had was sold so it was not available for the weekend.
I was kind of apprehensive since I have been use to riding the ZX12 around about getting on a 800cc machine. Boy was I surprised. It had a great pull through the rpm range. The sound with those vance/hines was just like nothing you have ever heard. IMHO the bike was great, no issues with the power, torque. It handled great and was a good bit lighter than my ZX12 and was a pleasure to push around for a limited time in my garage.

One thing I did notice when stopping at some of my friends houses or going to work everyone wanted to come out and hear what made that deep sound.
I didnt hammer the machine since it only had about 50 miles on it so I kept the rpms in a medium level but the bike has good accel and I really enjoyed it.

Was not use to the clutch, it was so soft and smooth. Shifting was like a knife through butter. Even changing gears without using the clutch was like second nature. The clutch didnt start to take hold until the lever was alot of the way out. On my ZX12 it starts to engage right away, so that took a little getting use to.

Otherwise it has been a great experience. I have one more day with it and I have put on about 300 miles so far and am going to miss it once it goes back.
The dealer said to try a Monster 1100 before I buy an 796 so I guess I should at least ride an 1100. Has anyone ridden both for some kind of comparison.

Hopefully a Monster will be mine soon.

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I rode an 1100 for about an hour when waiting for my 796 ABS. I do a lot of city riding and since the small difference in off the line and top end speed are not as important to me as day to day usability (and being able to hit 130 instead of 140 is not an issue for me), I went with the 796. The 796 comfort upgrades (the seat and riser height) were also impactful... I know you could upgrade the 1100 manually to accommodate the stock upgrades of the 796, however the gearing of the 1100 for the city was not something I was willing to trade for cc's....And the 796 is plenty fast and corners really well...and rates very high for fun track rides...
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