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does anyone know if the handle bars or the area around the triple tree can be lowered for a more sporty riding position??? or if there can be any other way of lowering that entire front piece??? ??? i would like to get my 750 to have a more racier feel to it...or would that really damage the suspension?
i know you can lower sport bikes but the tops of the forks would stick out more. my cbr f2 was lowered about and inch but it doesn't look like you can do it to a monster and i never seen anyone do it yet. :-/

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You want clipons for your Monster. There have been many threads on the subject, mostly in Tech or Accessories and Mods.

Try raising the rear before lowering the front if you want some quicker steering. You'll probably want to get a steering damper if you do, though. Do a search on the steering damper and/or crash threads for more information there.
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