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Just bought my first DUCATI last week. Been riding Buells for the last few years but I got a hell of a steal on this 620 sport. Its kind of a dog and is way too quiet compared to my other bikes in the garage. What is the consequence of gutting a set of stock cans from a 2003 620 Sport? Also, will the bike be adversely affected without a set of cans at all?? Also, how is the sound? I'm looking for sound here. I already know its slow so it better at least sound good and loud. If you can help me on this matter, drop me a line at [email protected], Nik

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Most Monsters are not greatly affected by adding slipons or gutting the cans, other than they sound better. It makes very little difference to the air/fuel mixture and does very little to help horsepower.

Were you going to have Strati modify your pipes? (http://www.ducatipipemod.com/).

[I'm not dropping you a note, though, you'll have to read it here.]
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