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600/620 DARK Tank for sale

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hey guys,

I bought this tank from a small shop thinking that it would fit my bike, well..I was wrong.. I have a 02 750ie. The tank is smaller and its shape does not fit the bike. So, I'm guessing its for a 600 or 620 dark. There is a tiny dimple on the right side.. Barely noticeable. Besides that, in great condition! So, let me know?
make me an offer. I know these tanks brand new go for $1800..Here's a chance for you to save some cash..
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Take photos of it from underneath. And get a closer up of the connection points. Someon shoudl be able to ID the take year and if it's carb'd vs fuel inj. based on those photos
just bought a new tank myself, fyi new retails for $1482.00
Thanks for the update.. The tank was sold for $350 ebay..good luck you all.
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