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5.5 rear wheel.

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Every time I see the skinny rear wheel on my bike it bugs me. I don't care about weight or magnesium. Just want a fatter wheel like that on the 1000. Does anyone know how much the stock wheel for the 1000 is? Also does it easily fit on the 800?

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you need to check axle size on that rear wheel. i think there are like 3 different rear wheels (double sided swingarm'd)...

the one that i think yours is would be:
- st2, st4, and all "st framed" monsters (this part i don't know ???)

there's also:
- 749, 999

- 851/888/all carb'd SS/pre-2002 carbd monster.

your rear wheel could fall into this last category if the axle size is smaller than the ST.

we'll soon see...
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