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Hi guys

i've been piecing together an exhaust system for my S4R-T

I already have the Cat eliminator pipes, and I'm looking at getting the termi slip ons.. (used)

i'm wondering tho.. before shelling out for them..

how much diff flow and performance wise is there between the 45 and the 50mm race exhaust?

cuz i can get a 45mm full exhaust done for a whole lot cheaper than the the 50mm race kit..

QD cat elimator pipe
Termi slip ons
cut the stock airbox
BMC air filter


50mm race kit for 3x the price..

how much diff are we talking about here? a little less torque and a little more top end?

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power wouldnt even be noticible, 1 maybe 2 hp and 2 or 3 lbs of torque. sound would be the biggest difference over all and weight.
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