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I have a set of 41mm showa forks from my friends 851 for sale
he replaced them with a set of ohlins so he no longer needed the showas.

the forks are off of a 92 851, they are the same forks that were on the early 900ss. they will fit into a monster with no modifications to the triple clamps.
the caliper spacing is 40mm I belive so brakes from all of the early solid axle bikes should be the same.

the forks have been crashed on, the lower leg has been beveled. The tubes have been checked in V blocks and are straight , bushings have all been changed as well as seals and oil freshened. the chrome does have a few small pits that have been stoned.
The spring rate is .95 so they would be best for a ....lets just say larger rider. the compression valves have been changed to race tech gold valves, rebound has been restacked for the new springs.

these are not the most pristine set of 41 adjustables out there but I would not hesitate putting them on my own bike. they function quite well and for an early monster is a easy upgrade.... no machining,bar changes,caliper changes,tripple clamp changes.

he is looking to get $400.00 plus shipping
PM me if you are interested.
I wanted to give the list first crack at these as I know they dont turn up that often. If no one is interested in a couple of weeks I will put them on e-bay.
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