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41 or 43

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OK keeping the stock 15 in front whats the REAL difference between the afram 41 or 43 tooth in back ; is it that noticeable?

thx ...I know tons of posst on shizzle like this but please just try to give info rather than flames,.... [laugh]

thx guys
O yea 2000 M900 dark nekkid
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I just went from 39 to 41 on my '94 900. It seems to revv out faster. Feels lots smoother, more torquey in higher gears, but it seems to run out of pull sooner (high revvs). I dunno if its because I'm accelerating faster or not. Feels good, not sure if I like it better but I'll get used to it I guess.
I run 15/41 on my 96. It seems to be ideal for me. The bike is smoother at low speeds, and still indicates 126 mph on the speedo. I don't think 43 is for me, but it would wheelie really easy with a 43.
I run a 15/43 setup on my 00 M900Sie. It's great around town (requires almost no clutch slipping in traffic) and wheelies easily (if you're into that). But on the highway I often wish I had a 7th gear. I still get nearly 150 miles per tank if I keep the RPM / MPH no higher than 5K / 80MPh at highway speeds and don't fool too much with revving the motor any higher into the RPM range.

After putting 8K miles on this setup I'd recommend 15/41 gearing (although I've never run it - my only experience is the factory 15/39 and current 15/43 gearing). During the summer months I spend a fair amount of time highway riding and I find the 43T sprocket limits the motor's flexibility at sustained highway speeds. Although passing cars is effortless, even at 80+ MPH
41 one it is then sounds great thx guys
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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