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Girlfriend bought a gorgeous 2001 M750. Ran great on the low end when she rode it around the owners neighborhood. I went to get it and ride it back for her as it was a 60 mile trip. Acted like it was running on 1 cylinder and only getting up to about 55mph.

I'm kind of pissed right now as a local shade tree that I've known for years had his hands in the bike recently. I figured the bike sat for 6 months after he did the work and it was just sediment in the carbs or jets.

Pulled the filter and fired the bike tonight. While revving the bike I noticed the slides were not moving as they should have. Pulled the airbox and saw that both carb caps are cracked and have holes. Yeah that would explain why the slides were not lifting.

Hoping it's as simple as that to fix.

Anyone have some old junky stripped out carburetors lying around I might get the caps off of?
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