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I think people forget that the Monster is the entry-level Ducati. It's the entrance to the brand for folks that want more highway capability than a Scrambler.

The OEM suspension, while nonadjustable, is more than adequate. Especially for smaller riders. What Ducati have built with the SP is a version of the Monster for the experienced riders that like the Ducati cachet, feel, and sound...but don't have the budget issues of the newer riders. People who are mature enough to know that 100hp is plenty, that a little comfort is nice, and that can benefit from the suspension and braking changes.

The bike is absolutely brilliant to ride, but it won't get you the most street-cred at Starbucks, and that's the main complaint really.

The SP will sell a handful of units (and that's all they'll make) and it will sell predominately to the older crowd, enthusiasts, and dealership owners. I already know two dealership owners that are on the list.

The buying public see a spec sheet and MSRP and would go to the Streetfighter V2, which has more power (but not until way up in the revs) and is more serious about performance, but is frankly not as fun to ride. And that's fine, the SP isn't for them. It's for the few dozen riders that don't care if you're impressed with their bike and have 16k.
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