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Competition is good for business. It keeps the wheels of innovation turning and prices down. And best of all, the consumer is usually the winner, reaping the benefits of better products and greater selection of choice.

A little intra-national rivalry is always good for business, too. A sense of pride in being the best from your own land keeps pencils sharp and late nights at the office routine when there's another player from your own backyard vying for the same piece of the pie.

Ducati is an undeniable presence in the world motorcycle market these days, so it would seem the Borgo-Panigale-based company has little to fear from within. Nevertheless, the Italian giant continues to innovate and refine, becoming an ever-larger PIA for the Big Four, and distancing itself from domestic competitors in the process.

Currently, Aprilia and MV Agusta are a couple factors from the Italian motherland keeping Ducati honest. Nevertheless, Ducati serves a crushing blow, nay, obliterates the competition. Figures culled from European motorcycle industry associations similar to the MIC in America are revealing. Year-to-date total units sold in Italy shows Aprilia moved 2,400 motorcycles, with Moto Guzzi at 1,200 and MV Agusta a humble 700.

Ducati, on the other hand, seems to be in a world of its own with 8,600 bikes on the road – or somewhere – in Italy thus far. Makes ya wonder why the others even keep trying.

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