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Hello all,

Re-post from new member intros. I am looking to buy my first Ducati Monster. Just sold my old Honda and need (ie really want) a new bike. Almost bought a SV650 a couple of times since everybody raves about them, but it just isn't a Ducati. Been keeping my eye on Craigslist, Ebay and local dealers for a solid used Ducati that I won't have to put much money into for immediate service or repairs. Think I have found a bike to purchase from a local private seller that looks good, but would like to ask the opinion of the forum as to whether it looks like a good deal as I am struggling a bit with it.

Here are the details:
-2008 M695 Stock
-Black with red frame
-2300 miles
-Appears to be in good condition (never laid down, recent battery and oil change), but has a small scratch on front fender that looks easily repaired with touch up paint
-Seller is moving and wants to sell
-Seller is second owner
-Comes with 2 black keys and 1 red key
-NO OWNER'S MANUAL (but they are avail on ducati.com)
-Original sales price was $5800
-We are now down to $5400 and I can't seem to get it any lower

My concern is the lack of CODE CARD. I have done tons of research (on this forum and on the internet) on the code card, but cannot seem to find definitive information on how important it is if/when you have the red key. The bike was bought at a local dealership in North Dallas and even when the seller called to see if they had a copy of the code card, they didn't and claimed it was not a big deal. But I'm still concerned, especially if/when I decide to sell it eventually.

I was hoping to spend about $5000, but this bike has such low miles and is in good condition I am thinking it might be a pretty good deal at $5400.

Would appreciate any feedback on whether this deal is worth pursuing as my first Ducati and how concerned I should be about the the lack of code card.



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I would go for it. I was thinking about buying an SV650 also, but my wife wanted a banana seat and I wanted a Ducati so the Monster is perfect for us.

I just bought a 2007 695 from a pawn shop and got a deal on it I could not turn down. The bike did not have a red key or the owners manual, so I used the lack of these two things to my advantage when dealing on price. I would try to do the same.

Either way, you'll love the 695!
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