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hello all

First off, my bike is 100% stock, exhaust and all.

Last summer I did the 20k service on my monster after which it ran smooth as silk. About 2 weeks later I got into a relatively high speed (110kph) tank slapper and high-sided the bike. It came down hard on its left side and chased my tumbling body down the pavement for about 50 meters before coming to a stop. I was able to ride it home after straightening the shift lever but it was idling very high (3000+ rpm). I came out with minor road rash and a broken sternum.

When I got it back into the shop I repaired most of the cosmetic damage (total cost of $5, I love naked bikes) and rebalanced the throttle bodies to bring the idle into check. To do this I have both by-pass screws turned almost all the way closed. This brought the idle back down but now it idles very rough and occasionally misses. When riding the bike decelerating to low speed it starts to buck. I rode it like this for about 2 months. I now get 120km of range before the fuel light comes on where I used to get 160-190.

I just changed the plugs and found that the horizontal cylinder is running rich (very black plug) while the vertical cylinder appears better (small black region but golden brown everywhere else).

My suspects are vacuum leak and crank position sensor both of which I'll check but I'm wondering if anyone can think of where else I should look for causes.:confused:

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