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Priced for a quick sale. Currently in an attended parking garage in manhattan but I ride her at least once a week to make sure she's running fine.

For the sake of full disclosure: Recently stored in a non-attended garage and one day I found a few scratches on the tank (relatively minor) and also a bent right foot peg. Peg's bent 90 degrees downward so I'm assuming it was dropped or otherwise pressured. The rear break lever is fine with no damage. I rode her around even without the peg and she's fine other than that there's only a nub to put your ride foot on. I'm guessing around $100 to fix it so factor that into the price.

Other issue: Speedometer does not work! Pin reads incorrectly. This may be an issue for some, not for me. Not sure how much it costs to fix but heard it's a common problem for the 06 S2R.

-Suburban Machinery handle bars
-ONE CRG LS mirror (have both stock mirrors as well)
-14T sprocket

PM me with any questions. I think the price is fair. Will post pics when I get a chance. Thanks!
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