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2006 Monster S2R 1000 silver black

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2400 miles
dealer serviced

crg levers

tail chop

cycle cat open clutch

stm billet pressure plate

ducati performance carbon fiber belly pan <is also up for sale seperately>

full arrow carbon exhaust <also up for sale seperately bike can be outfitted either way>

tail chop

evoluzione billet slave cylinder <makes clutch pull lighter and looks great>

crg bar end mirrors or ducati performance mirrors

darkened belt covers foot pegs etc

very trick

can email pics <sorry i dont know how to post them on here>

Los Angeles area
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Price and some photos would help you big time.
please email pics and asking price to [email protected]

I'm local and looking for another monster >:D
oh the bike also has tail chop and tiny turn signal/ smoke colored tail light cover
i'd like to come and see the bike

i'm local and need my first duc [email protected]
would you call with the price anytime, I and very interested,

thanks herb 619.840.7957
Please send me your location/price and pics on [email protected] - I am in Santa Monica and I am very much in getting the silver S2R 1000.
dont forget guys, this bike also has a tail chop [laugh]
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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