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Any reliability issues with the 2006 model? Any quirks I should know about? I'm used to riding Japanese in line fours..... now I have new twins to baby..... 2006 S2R 1000 and a 2005 R1150R.

Is the S2R stable at high speeds.. over 100 MPH?

Will the Monster 1000 engine cook in the summer heat?

Those are my two new bikes for 2007.

The BMW is pristine... the S2R is a fix'r.

Any thoughts.


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Congrats on the new machines.

Got my S2R 1000 on 3 Dec 05 and have about 7500 miles on it so far.

I have had two warranty issues that have tied up the bike (with the weather this year I think I'd have had 10,000 on it had it not been out of my hands, in the shop a couple times)

My problems:
Had intermitant dying issues. The dealer had a hard time finding the problem since it was not present all of the time. Ended up being either a switch or relay (replaced two of each and it cured it so not sure which was really at fault).

Neutral light would come on when not in neutral. Sounds simple huh? Needed the shift drum replaced and that requires removal of the engine from the frame and splitting of the cases. Will pick the bike up this week.

Other than those two issues I absolutely love this bike. It has quickly become the favortie motorcycle that I own. Most of the mods I have done have been cosmetic with the exception of the exhaust. I have the Spark CAT eliminator and Arc Fabrication slash cut baffled megs.

You will read much about "surging issues" if you search this Board for "S2R 1000" I had this problem but when my dealer was working on the dying problem I had him do the 6,000 service (at about 4,400 miles...he is 300 miles away from me, wanted to save a trip). Anyway he set the bike up to run with the Arc Fabs and along with other tweeks he did for the service...no surging issues anymore. That is why I would not suggest you remove the O2 sensor as some will suggest. I'm convinced that is a set-up issue and not a design problem.

Stability at 100+ speeds:
I have run mine 100 to about 125 quite a few times and never felt the bike to be anything but rock solid and happy. I do not stay at those speeds for long periods of time. I'll run up to those speeds for several seconds on the highway just to get away from crowds of cell phone yakkin' idiots but then back down to more sane speeds but it never exhibited any quirks at those times.

Sitting in traffice on hot days I have been warmed some by the S2R but not anywhere near like the ST4!! I don't consider heat to be a problem with this bike. I live in western PA though and we don't have extremley hot summers.

One plus in my book...this thing gets fantastic fuel mileage! I usually get 50 or above and have had high 50's more than a few times. If you disconnect your O2 you will not enjoy that aspect of the S2R 1000...well at least from what I have read reported here by those who have.

Best of luck with your new machines.
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