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I stopped buy my local shop to see friend and look into some part's for my helmet visor that I broke and saw that they had the 04 s4r in the metalic blue with corse stripes . Very Very nice I like the color alot and they had a little extra padding on the seat that was nice to .I wonder if I could retrofit the seat onto my 620. It look's as if they might have fixed the stock mirror problem because the ones on this bike were sweet they had a nice shape and stuck out about an extra inch so I could actually see past my shoulder's while I sat on the bike . Unlike mine that no matter what I do look directly at my shoulder's.They also showed me a cool new rear mounted camera that has a 4" screen that mount's to the handle bar's . the camera has a 70 degree spred so it pick's up two three lanes . it also has infered night vision . another cool thing is that it has a jack to be able to plug in a camcorder to it to . He said the company is local and they have some different model's with less thing's on it . I grabbed a card with a web site address on it I'll try to see if I can find it and post it later if anyone is interested.
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