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Hey guys,
unfortunately I had a guy pull out infront of me, and now my beautiful bike is beyond my budget to repair. So my loss can be your gain. Parts that are in perfect condition are:

Full Arrow Carbon Fiber Exhaust System (the mufflers are a little cosmetically damaged(scraped), but functionally fine).
PowerCommander 3
K&N Air Intake/Filter
Back Tire (triple compound)
Back Rim (performance lightweight, colored white)
Windscreen (blue with white stripe)
Frame (looks fine, but I dont know how to measure to see if its a little bent)
Stock Handle Bars
Back Caliper
Back rotar

Cosmetically damaged:
Tank (blue with white stripe)

Potentially Perfect (near area of collision, but physically looks undamaged)
Front Forks
Front Rotars
Front Calipers

Information about the accident for interested persons:
I was traveling down a 55 mph road at 60 and a guy pulled a u-turn infront of me (about 20 feet). Hit both brakes as hard as I could, and skid right into the back of his car. At impact I was traveling about 30 and he was traveling about 10.

On impact the bike stood straight up on its front tire, then spun around on the ground grinding the pegs out and scraping the mufflers. The mufflers actually dont look too bad, and they still work.

From the looks of the bike, the whole bike is repairable if you do the following:
replace the tri-clamp, new dash, new headlight, new front rim, new turning signals, new foot pegs, new tail light, new seat(seat is repairable). I have the master keys etc.

Before Accident this thing would wheelie no problem and out race anything, handling was amazing, easily tear off the edges of soft race tires (what I like to call the eraser effect). Very well upkept. Aside from the accident everything was tip top, oils changed very frequently, very frequently cleaned.
This was my baby, and its sad to see it go, but I'm in college and cant afford to fix it and pay for the hospital bills.

If you are interested in certain parts or the whole bike, please send me an email at:


that is the only way you will get in contact with me. I can send pictures to interested persons.

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I went back to my parents and took a look again at the bike.

It is not nearly as bad as I had thought. I hadnt seen it in a while. Since the number of requests for the forks is pretty high, I took a planed 2x4 and held it against forks and they both look straight.

If you wish to request some pictures please send me an email at
DRCROOK [AT] ncsu.edu

There are tons of parts that arent damaged.

I will also be willing to sell the bike as a whole. The title does not read totalled, so if you fully fix it up, you wont have a salvaged title.

Only parts that need replacing on the bike are: dashboard, front rim, headlight, triple tree clamp, brake peg, back turning signals and brake light, The seat is useable but torn near the back.

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Rear Caliper

Is the rear caliber a goldline? If so, how many pistons (2 or 4) or what pads does it take? Also, do you have a picture you can email me?



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Please send me emails at


regarding parts, I am having a hard time just keeping up with my emails, and these parts are going very very quickly

Handle bars are good, i could sell for $50 +shipping/handling

Rear Caliper is gold, I beleive it is 2 pistons, but I couldnt imagine why you would want a 4 piston rear caliper, you will lock your back brakes constantly, unless you figure a way to super lighten the force, but then you might as well just have the 2 piston ones.

The front brakes are 4 piston I beleive.

They take whatever the normal pads are for an s4r, I dont know what size that is, when i get pads I just get the ceramic ones from the shop for my bike.
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