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2004 S4R... a good deal?

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I have run across 2 2004 s4r's. One has 750 miles on it and is stock except for the seat and the other is a tricked out version but has 9,500 miles on it. The dealer is wanting about 10k for either of them. I was wondering if the price sounded reasonable and which you would choose? Both are beautiful... also, does anyone happen to know about the reliability of the 2004 model?
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What color are they? For some reason, the Blue S4R didn't sell very well. Local Duc Dealer had a new '04 one this summer for short money, $10,995. It eventually sold, but for what I do not know.

LJB 8)
Definitely NOT reasonable. They shouldn't be going for over 9400 or so.
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