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Well after much debate I have decided to sell my Brutale and my huge hoard of spare parts. The bike is a 2004 Matte black edition I bought second hand and was bone stock. As you will see from the link to my gallery, I have done extensive modifications to this bike which include carbon fiber, powdercoating, painting, and plenty of parts. The pictures should say enough about all the parts. Most of the parts were put on two summers ago with the latest upgrade being my Braketech rotors which were put on this past summer. At this time I am not wishing to seperate or part out the bike or strip it down. If there isnt much interest then I will slowly put it as close to stock as possible and then sell off those parts. I also have many engine parts that came off of a 2003 F4750. Those too I would like to sell with the bike. If I dont get much interest in the whole package then I would consider selling off the parts first then maybe stripping down the bike. The bike has 7,074 miles on it. As you can see from the pics I replaced the tach with a yellow one purely out of preference. That was done on September 24, 2007 with 5,174 miles showing on the original ODO. The yellow one was showing 25,523 miles when I plugged it in. It now shows 27,423 which means I have only put 1900 miles on it since 9/24/07. Sad, I know.....I need to ride more but I tend to work too much. The original tach is included and is pictured. Just about everything I could replace with Carbon I did, I had the wheels, and many other parts powdercoated flat black. I am including just about everything that I have gathered over the years of owning MVs (3 total) since 2001. I Most of these parts I got out of fear of not having replacements incase MV went belly up.

Now for the bad part. The bike fell over while being trailered in the rain. Straps loosened up and it fell on its right side. The bike landed perfectly on the side rails of the trailer putting a slight scratch on the front right fork (cant really see it), scratched the frame, scratched the underneath of the tank (1"), Scratched some of the plastic which has been replaced with OEM or carbon fiber. Since it hit the frame, State Farm totaled it. State Farm sent me a letter to place a salvage on the title. I owned the bike free and clear at the time and never ended up putting it on the title seeing at the time I never intended to sell it.

Here is a link to my gallery


I want $7200 for everything as you see in the pictures. If it doesnt sell then I'll start selling off parts slowly.

Please email me if you have any further questions or wish to discuss this over the phone.

PLEASE NO PMs, I check my email more.

Bike is located in Southern Louisiana.

[email protected]
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