Less than 5k miles, previous owner was an older man who has many Ducatis and takes good care of all of them. I recently found out something very cool about this bike. The S4R is supposed to have a color matched frame on the blue models, however this one is gray. I have come to the conclusion that this bike was actually originally red, hence the silver Marchesini wheels (rather than white). Also, the tank and fairings have a silver stripe as well, instead of white. In my research, I found that dealerships back then would actually switch out parts from similar models, if it meant making the sale. Considering the original owner of this bike regularly bought bikes from this dealership, I believe he bought the bike this way. Bike is in excellent running condition, was completely original besides the clutch cover and pressure plate when I got it (Ducati Performance parts). Since then, I have done the Zard exhaust and tail chop, as well as Comp-Werkes integrated tail light, and have probably put less than 500 miles on it in the past 8-9 months. I have a box of parts I still need to install and I just dont seem to have the time for it. This bike has one of the BEST motors ever built by Ducati, and is one of a kind! Not to mention, this one came with a STEEL GAS TANK, unlike the later years with plastic tanks which WARP due to ethanol in our California gas. Also doesn't require a DP ECU to run aftermarket exhaust, runs great!

I really, really wanted to keep this bike, but it deserves to be ridden and enjoyed properly. These 996 motors are spectacular and this one is barely broken in, has LOTS of power. Not for the faint of heart, or beginner riders. You must have a M1 license and cash in MY hand for you to test ride. I have the pink slip in my name, this bike is ready to go! Thanks!

Selling because I plan on moving and parking space is limited