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2004 Monster Challenge NY round winner for sale on ebay

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i liked that bike alot.
very creative and unique.

(it did need more detail touches to follow through the concept to other components beyond the bodywor/pipes/shocks ;))
I like it. It captures the essence of a cafe bike. Spartan.

Needs a different front fender.
I'd hit it! cafe racers RAWK! >:D

not sure about that star on the tank, though. nothing some paint can't fix
That bike is sooo cool!
Unique idea, done to the max.
And the exhaust solution...
Anyone ridden it, rear suspension good?
It´s kinda ugly and I wouldn`t have it , but, it`s cool!
[clap] [thumbsup] 8)!
Interesting....love it or hate it (I saw it and just didn't get it...although I think it's resemblence to the Sport Classics had something to do with it's win)
Personally I didn't like that one...............but meh.....I think he's expecting more then it's gonna fetch.
I like the idea but the execution was terrible. Everything on it is flat. The sides/top of the tank. The seat cowl sides. The seatback/seat meets at a 90 degree angle. If he could have rounded some stuff it would be pretty cool. And I don't count the rounded egdes as being round. The bodywork is nothting but boxes with rounded edges. Then you have a stock fender that is all round....it doesn't match.

But I can see why he won the show. The round I went to had nothing but bikes with bold on items like exhaust, clutch cover, some carbon, etc. At least he took a shot as something different and made some bodywork. I give him props for that.

But the cafe' idea isn't very original....
Because I was curious what it was, and for anyone else who was curious.

I like the idea but the tank and rear cowl look bad to me. The tank looks like one of those big rural route mail boxes.
I respect it. Love the simplicity.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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