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This is a 2004 ducati multistrada with 4225 miles that has had some major modifications done. I bought this bike because it was very similar to the hypermotard as far as suspension setup and engine design. I have had multiple monsters and this bike has more power and longer suspension travel so thats why I chose it. As for the mods I have taken off all the fairings, headlight, modified the exhaust, cut the back of the frame and custom fitted the battery and electronics that were on the left side of the bike to go under the tank. I also removed the handle bars and put clip on to replace them (still have the original bars and I will switch them for long straight rides). I had plans to do more to the bike this winter but have been busy with work. I also wanted to cut down the front of the tank and re epoxy it to make it slimmer but never got around to any of this. the headlight is off of an Lexus and is projection headlight. The bike runs great and i ride it at least 3 or 4 days a week. I have never had a single problem or failure. It is a demon on the streets and has cost me some serious cash cause I cant keep off the gas. Please email me or call me with any questions my number is 956-607-4471 email [email protected] call anytime and I can tell whatever you would like to know.

more pictures at http://picasaweb.google.com.au/E33Construction/DucatiMultistradaFinished#

the only reason I am getting rid of it is because I have gotten into racing supermoto seriously and it is taking all my money so I had to pick. I love the bike and wouldnt get rid of it otherwise. I plan on doing another with marchesini's next as soon as I get some more cash.

I would consider trading for a KTM 450 plus cash let me know what you have.

asking $6000
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