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I'm regretfully selling my 2004 Aprilia RSV-R Factory with approximately 11,200 miles on the odometer. The bike is in SW Florida and is available to view in person. Naturally, no rides without cash in my hands. I will help facilitate with shipping if necessary but would like to sell locally. I replaced the battery (still had the original battery) and I accidentally disconnected the battery tender and the dash reset to zero. All 04's do this but I've documented my mileage pretty well on this forum. I know it doesn't have more than 11,300 miles and I have dealer receipts for service with various miles on the odometer.

Due to a shoulder injury/surgery, the bike is not being ridden so the mileage won't increase.

Overall the bike is in exceptional condition and has always been garage stored. It's a completely sorted bike with zero mechanical issues, no leaks, doesn't need anything fixed or replaced. It has been serviced by my local Aprilia dealer and has been a problem-free bike. Valves were checked at 8500 miles and were perfect. All the "what to look for" issues that are known to occur to the 2nd gen bikes have been addressed. Cosmetically it's also in excellent condition. There are a few small nicks but nothing major. The bike has been meticulously maintained mechanically and physically and I usually clean it, bodywork off, once a month. Always use waterless cleaner and I've never pressure washed the bike, ever.

The bike has never been down or tipped over. It has all the factory recalls performed and has a brand new sprague clutch, housing, etc...all of the major parts were replaced with new parts, as suggested by Aprillia, not just the sprague clutch itself. The stator was in good condition and was not in need of replacement (so no stator issues). Fork seals replaced with genuine Ohlins seals at 8500 miles. Oil changed every 3K with Motul and a new oil filter.

Has one key and the manuals. I also have the electronic shop manuals in PDF format which I will include with the sale of the bike.

For the uninitiated, the Factory model has forged aluminum wheels, carbon fiber parts, Brembo radial brake calipers, Ohlins front fork, Ohlins rear shock, and Ohlins steering damper over the 2004 and 2005 RSVR. The 2006 RSVR's added the Ohlins front fork but not the forged rims, rear Ohlins, carbon bits or Ohlins steering damper. So a 2004 Factory is still a much higher spec bike than the 2006+ standard RSVR.

This is a 2004 Colin Edwards/Nori Haga limited edition. It's a 1,000cc 65 degree V-twin in a compact chassis. The Factory is a higher spec version of the RSVR.

The Factory has the following extras:
Ohlins R&T forks with external compression adjusters
Ohlins rear shock
Forged aluminum OZ wheels instead of the heavy cast version
Ohlins steering damper
Carbon fiber trim instead of thermoplastic (rear hugger, front hugger, side covers, engine vents)

The bike has Brembo radial brakes and Brembo radial brake master and clutch cylinders as stock.

Aftermarket parts on the bike include:
-ceramic coated headers with custom 02 bungs on both front and rear to facilitate custom mapping of each cylinder
-AF1 billet link plates (much stronger than stock)
-billet clutch inspection port
-quick release seat pins
-brand new zero mile Yuasa battery
-brand new zero mile valve cover gaskets. Zero oil leaks.
-2007-spec new style exhaust canisters in titanium
-Bridgestone BT-016 tires, 70% tread life
-Techspec tank grip pads in black
-Super Sprox Tri-metal rear sprocket +3 (for better acceleration)
-EK 520 Gold X-ring chain
-Factory sprocket and chain in box with less than 100 miles on them
-Billet anodized blue clutch master and brake master reservoir

The bike has been dealer serviced with the following updates:
-Updated swingarm
-Updated rear brake master cylinder
-Updated fuel lines and all other factory recalls.
-Fork seals changed at 8,500 miles with genuine Ohlins parts
-New sprag clutch, housing, gears, etc...(if I rember, this was done at 10K miles)
-Map2 initiated, ready for aftermarket exhaust
-All valve clearances checked and within spec

In addition, I've done the following for reliability:
-brown connectors removed
-all wiring looked over and any bad connectors fixed. Dialectic grease on all electrical fittings
-rear brake properly bled. Yes, it works.
-brazed dry sump oil tank. All the fitting tabs were brazed so they won't leak

I have a number of aftermarket parts that were on the bike for sale as well:
-Evo airbox kit
-Acculign billet rearsets
-PowerCommander PCIII USB
-HID low beam kit (expensive Xtralight version)
-passenger peg kit
-Gilles variobars+risers, billet, gives a few inches in rise. Expensive and rare
-Scorpio alarm
-higher rate Ohlins fork and shock springs (new, never installed)

In short, this is a fully-sorted Italian exotic with zero issues. The bike has 11,200 miles and is in excellent cosmetic condition and perfect mechanical condition. I've gone through the trouble of nixing any potential problems that can afflict this model bike. Other than the sprag clutch, which was my own fault after my battery tender bit the dust, the bike's been completely problem free. It has never been in an accident, never been dropped, tipped over, or the like. You could eat off the engine it's so clean.

I promise zero disappointments with this bike. If you're near by, come take a look. It'll be worth your time.

Asking $8500.

Bike is located in SW Florida and I have the title on hand. I can facilitate shipping but it's up to the buyer to have the bike shipped if necessary.

Please contact me by e-mail at [email protected] or shoot me a PM. We can exchange contact numbers and go from there. I'm home for the next two weeks.

Video of the bike starting from cold:

Some big images. I took these tonight and it's an accurate representation of how the bike appears and how the bike will be sold:

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