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2002 M750Dark... Where'd my oil go?

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Hello All,
The red oil indicator light would illuminate when warming up my beloved bike, and of course....after a good, long wheelie.

A check through my oil window found to my surprise that I was just over one full quart low! ....Which I promptly topped off with a quality synthetic.

I have 3000 miles on my bike. It had its first and only oil change at its scheduled 600 mile service. I bought the bike new (All miles were put on the bike in the last 4 months) Love riding it......

No symptoms....the bike isn't smoking.... My question is of course.....Is this unusual? Is it common for a new engine to burn off THAT much oil in 2000 miles?

My temperature averaged 200 to 225 degrees for most of the summer. Also...I do have a little oil on the filter. I tightened it a little more but this has'nt stopped it. I plan on taking it to the dealer as soon as the winter sets in. I'd hate to be without my bike now that the great riding weather is here....and (This small leak does not concern me....I do not believe that I could have lost the quart plus from this location.)

Has anyone had a similar experience? A good friend said that it happened with his SuperHawk....He was at a loss to explain it. Any and all replies appreciated.

Ride Safe.... JJ
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My 02 750 d has used about the same amount of oil since it's 600 check; one qt. and I'm also at 3000. I think from what I've read here, that is fairly normal, for some bikes. Others... well, I think riding style, temps and such make a big difference. I wasn't too worried, just figured 1/2 qt. (pt.) here and there was jsut adding some fresh oil prior to my imminent 3000 mile change i'll be doing myself...

My .02 worth.

scooby ;D
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