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I took the tank off to replace the fuel pump and never got around to doing it, theoretically, it should run once the work is done. I've lost interest and just want to get rid of it to make room for my next bike.

The good:
It has some nice aftermarket parts including:
Termi high mounts
Sargent seat (original seat included)
Seat cowl (rashed)
Cyclecat clip ons
Cyclecat rearsets
Cyclecat slave cylinder
Bunch of other aftermarket parts I'm forgetting or never got around to installing
All (99% sure) original parts

The bad:
Not running
Tank is off bike
Tank is rashed on both sides
Speedo not working
Need new turn signals
Need new tires

The catch:
I want everything gone so if you want the bike you'll have to take all original parts and accessories.

It would make an ok project bike or pretty good parts bike but priced at $250 it makes a fantastic paper weight.

20201118_154538.jpg 20201118_154548.jpg 20201118_154559.jpg 20201118_154615.jpg 20201118_154625.jpg 20201118_154646.jpg 20201118_154650.jpg 20201213_143418.jpg cat tax

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I'll buy it if it's still available. I can come this weekend.
That should work. Just to be absolutely clear, you have to take all the original parts and accessories which will require a good deal of room.

Also, cat is not included.
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