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2002 750 S...Fuel Injection

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OK what is my best bet for tuning this bike? I want to cut up the air box making a larger snorkle with cardboard and epoxy. Before I do any of this I want to know what the best bet for tuning is going to be.. I have a dyno available and I have heard of systems that will adjust everything but the ignition curve and is interchangeable between different bikes. I know nothing about this topic but want to learn. I have found very little info on this bike. I am not a mechanic....just a ducatisti that turns his own wrenches under the guidance of a skilled jap/harley mechanic. I am also looking for the most inexpensive fix. Anyone with answers please let me know. If you have never seen or worked on a 2002+ bike please don't advise as the entire system is different and gets confusing when not comparing apples to apples. Thanks in advance for your help!
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In order of decreasing cost and complexity:

FIM Ultimap
Dynojet Powercommander PC III
Techlusion (?) Digital Fuel Optimiser

If you search here and then on the web for those terms, you'll find a lot of info.

As my sig shows, I've got the PC III, and it does all that I want at the moment.
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