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I think that's what I really need to know. For instance. should I pay $1000 more for a 2002 750 w/ 2thou miles in excellent condition than I would for the same bike in a 2001 model? Same price 2001 750 and a 2002 620, which would you choose? Would love to get knowlegeable opinions on this question. I'm dangerously close to buying my first Ducati. Please don't let me screw it up! ;D

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Well let's see the '01 750 is carbs and hoop style rear end...the 02's get the immobilizer and st based frame with tie rod rear end, fuel injection, and a little less trail and 1 degree steeper head angle?
Any mods? Warrenty? Through a dealer? Got service records on all bikes? Is resale price important? Don't know how much difference there would be actually.
I would say as long as they have been maintained properly feel free to save the grand. Depends really if you want to have carbs or f.i. with an immobilizer system. If you end up with either of the '02's make sure you get all the key's for the said immobilizer system or it could cost a lot.
you can check parts and manuals here to see the differences.
Anyways out of the three I am sure one must be talking to you...
I wouldn't sweat it. Good luck.....enjoy.

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The newer bikes also have larger valves sizes and flow better, kind explains why an 02 620 can make nearly as much HP as an 01 750
Good point.
01 750 62 @ 7500
02 750 64 @ 8750
02 620 60 @ 9500
But also look at Torque
01 750 62Nm @6500
02 750 60Nm @6500
02 620 53.3Nm @6750

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I still think the 750 has much more room for improvement over the 620. No replacement for displacement.

Cant wait to open up my intake and slap on the PC3. Just need to fabricate a bracket for my pc3 tol mount where the emissions use to be.
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