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I am very new to the Ducati scene and I am wanting to learn and find out more about these monsters.

I just picked up a basically stock 2002 620 ie dark. I have a few mods I would like to do. First of all, I would like to have dual discs on the front wheels for breaking. (does anyone have a write-up, pictures... I am sure this has been done before).

I would also like to get a high mount exhaust installed. Any suggestions? Arrow seems to be a popular choice.

Of course there are a few parts that I would like to replace with carbon fiber, but thats just looks as far as I am concerned.

One last mod I have been wondering about. Does anyone know if the 696 headlight can be installed on the 620 ie? I really like that headlight.

If anyone wanted to link me to parts websites and all that, I would be very grateful.

So far I am very pleased with my bike. I picked it up for 2500 (I think is a crazy price). Its in good condition. http://www.westrealm.com/2009/08/i-bought-a-ducati/ there are some pictures.


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congrats on the new bike
to upgrade to dual disks, you will need a rotor, caliper, and new master cylinder. if you could find a good deal on used parts it would be worth doing...if not you may want to try swapping out pads first. the single disk on your 02 is better than the dual disks that came on some later 620/695 bikes.
you may want to save some budget for replacing any worn or old parts that need to be replaced first (tires, fluids, chain/sprocket, brake pads...)
lots of options on exhausts. i would recommend getting one with a removable baffle (sometimes called quiet insert) so you can change how loud they are if you want
find one you like the looks/price of. range is around $650-$1000

696 and 620 have a completely different mounting set-up. would require custom-made parts

good luck and enjoy the new bike

jeff h
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