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Hey guys, picked up an 01 S4, some slight atrocities committed but nothing too drastic, the price was right and it's very sound mechanically.
The plan is to completely strip it down, repaint, customise, make it a great looking bike.

I'm wanting to keep the original looks, but modernise them slightly.

The base is S4, SSSA conversion, termi pipes, all of the carbon, about 16k miles on the clock.
Bike is currently getting stripped down to frame to get everything repainted and re-powder-coated

Questions I currently have:

1) What should I DEFINITELY NOT FORGET about?

Since I have it all stripped down, what should I definitely replace or upgrade? (think bearings, seals, pumps etc. etc.)
What are common issues to look out for that I can easily get rid off having the whole bike apart?
Recommendations on future proofing very, very welcomed here!

2) Triple clamps + bars
I'm looking to update those, which triple clamps are interchangeable from which newer Ducati models? Quite like some of the new CNC Panigale clamps etc.,
What can I use that will fit, look good and ideally allow me to move it around to get an ideal riding position out of it?

3) Wheels
- I'm not keen on the current wheels, a lot of what I found comes in 17x6.00 (thus having to go up in tire size to 190/55 from the factory 180/55)
Is there any downside to switching to a wider tire? Anybody done that? I assume the swing arm infrastructure can remain the same?

4) Speedo and instruments
Is there any reasonably way to replace the current clocks? I'm not very keen on them.
I would like to keep as much functionality as I can but use something that's a bit less disgustingly plastic
(alternative metal housing and dash + keeping the internals could be an option, as long as the disgusting faded plastic goes away)

5) F4 tail
I haven't completely made up my mind yet about the F4 tail, but so far I think it'll be going and replaced back to stock

6) Colour scheme and custom parts
Please post a picture of your bikes for inspiration! All suggestions on cool parts to use welcomed. I'm still thinking over what colours will I be going for as well
(Engine, frame, wheels, SSSA, tank etc., everything is getting done as well as small parts (some powdercoated, some ceramic, some paint, custom hoses and all too)

7) Custom headlights
I'm looking to keep the current headlight but replace the internals for possibly LED, what do you have good experience with?

8) Airbox & filter
I'm looking at either replacing the stock with BMC or ditching the abomination of an airbox all together and replacing it with conical shaped ones, anybody done so?
Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-17 at 11.00.05.jpeg 392b3f4e-4d0c-414c-9208-714596f1043d.jpg 62ee8338-49b1-49dd-ae62-1f13838bd8ea.jpg

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1) It’s old enough for the rubber parts to start deteriorating, so check them.
2)Valve adjustment and belts if your not sure when they were done.
3)Triples from another model can affect steering geometry. Also may not accept your forks so you need to verify sizes and other differences . iIf you change the forks to go with the triples the forks may not accept your wheel or brakes.
4)some people like pods, it’s been done many times
5) lots of headlight conversions to choose from, shop around
6) wider tires won’t steer as crisply, will change input required.
7)gauge cluster is best left alone but I think there are aftermarket conversions that might work.

Do a forum search on these issues, they’ve already been beat to death.

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Hi bud, appreciate the answer and the mention that it's been done to death, I've asked specific questions for a reason however and the reason is that some answers could not be found with the search button.

I.e. - has anyone swapped the triple, what was their experience and which triple exactly did they use.. I don't have a stockpile of ducati triples around to measure them and there are no schematics for that on the internet..
Headlight conversions - yes there are many, that is why I'm asking for specific experience and results and for those that could be implanted into the original hardware..

I've asked specific questions because I hope to get specific answers providing data..... Old rubber, of course, but is there an internal engine bearing that's prone to wearing out prematurely? and so on.. Hope you catch my drift now

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Triples can almost always be made to fit. Different bearing and spacers can be used for mismatches. Look at fork conversions too because some of them require triples to be swapped.
When using the Search you need to use key words and sort through the responses.
Try other Ducati forums too, not just this one.
Good Luck
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