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2001 Ducati Monster S4 dry clutch maintenance

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Hello, first time ducati owner, many time motorcycle owner, I've bought some items to replace my very very worn out clutch and hoping to get some knowledge dropped on me. I'm assuming I'm replacing the original clutch, the owner I bought the bike from gave me no paperwork or knew of any service history but from the visual of the clutch its very worn out. I've bought new gotham cycles clutch inner hub, aluminum clutch basket, evo kevlar clutch plates and steel discs. I've heard rumors from different youtube channels talking about how theres DIY mods to soften the "chatter" of the clutch and would like to know if anyone can recommend doing so. I bought the aluminum basket hoping that would take away some of the ring. So far I'm leaning towards adding the thinnest steel disc as the first plate and then adding the rest as normal so there would be 2 steels in first. I know I wont get rid of the chatter and that's not my goal, just to soften it as it currently rings like a bell! If that's a bad idea please let me know, or if you have a better idea or info that is need-to-know or things I should be looking out for while doing this maintenance I would appreciate it, thanks
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Don't forget to replace the pressure plate throw-out bearing as well.

Once you fit new plates and basket it will be a lot quieter.
thanks, they’re cheap enough so I just ordered one from Gotham
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