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2001 Ducati Monster 600 Dark w/ low miles in FL

Hey, I'm getting ready to move back up to DC next month and need to let go of the bike since its a little too chilly for me to ride up there. The bike is located in Miami, FL.

I actually bought this bike from this forum in late 2007 in Naples, FL. The precious owner had only put 1200 miles on it. Right now it has about 5,900 miles on it, still very low for a 2001 model.

It has nothing aftermarket done to it and looks pretty much brand new except the right brake handle has the end of it missing form a time someone tried to steal my bike I think, they ended up only taking the mirror glass from my mirrors, I still have the actual stalks, I just chose to leave them off.

All the service has been done by the Ducati dealership and it has fairly new tires. I hate to see it go but I just can justify shipping it and insuring it in DC just to ride it 5 months out of the year.

PM me or reach me at 202-299-6388

Pictures here:
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