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2000 Monster Tank dented and cheap

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I have a fairly well dented up tank off of my 2000 Monster. If you have ever wanted to do something crazy with the tank this might be a good opportunity to get one cheap. I'll sell for $50 plus shipping.

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I'd be interested if it's fuel injected.
sorry 2000 carbed
I have two spare injected tanks sitting in my garage. One had some repair work (dent taken out and patched) and a crappy paint job put on it when I bought it and the other one has a generous Ducati dent on the left that came off my ride when it was replaced with a new one. I paid $100 + shipping for the semi-repaired one. Make me an offer on one or both. I should have pictures by tomorrow or Thursday.
I would be interested in seeing pics before I made any offers. What year tanks? Any rust? Leaks?
here are pics of the tank
if anyone is interested it looked like it woudl cost somewhere from $30-40 to ship to Vermont from Seattle. Just to give you an idea.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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