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I bought a 2000 Monster 750 a few months ago and tore it down to the bare frame. The frame had some rust on it because it had sat outside for a while and the battery leaked acid on it and rusted it.

I repainted it with color-rite Ducati gold and it came out beautifully.

I replaced a bunch of parts that were missing or damaged and put it back together.

It turns over really well, but it hasn’t started yet. It has great spark, but its not getting gas. I haven’t tried bypassing the fuel line to see if it’s the fuel pump, but that’s my assumption.

I’m moving and it has to go. I don’t have a garage in my new place so I have no choice.

I’ve replaced the timing belts, fork seals and fork oil, changed the engine oil and filter and changed the brake pads. the brakes work amazingly well and all the electronics and wires work perfectly.

I’d like to get $2,000 for it but I need it gone so I’d take $1,000. $500. I'm moving and cant keep this one. It worth more but I don't have the luxury of time.

It has the signature dent in the gas tank from the previous owner, but for a 20 year old motorcycle, this is in great shape. You won’t be disappointed.

I'm located in Westchester, NY.

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