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I have been a regular reader of this forum since October '09 when I made the decision to purchase my first Ducati. Fast forward to Saturday May 8th when I took delivery of my new M1100S with the carbon Termi slip-ons. I have 40 years of riding experience from racing MX and hare scrambles to tens of thousands of road miles. I can now honestly say that for the type of riding I do, I have now ridden the most competent motorcycle I have ever swung a leg over. Even with limited miles since delivery, I am already convinced.

Nice Sunday mornings and weekday evenings and just going out and having some fun, that's riding to me. Going nowhere in particular for a couple of hours without a care in the world. Isn't that one of the reasons we all do this? The M1100S is more than perfect for this type of riding. Gobs and gobs of torque, super brakes, slightly agressive riding position, great handling and the Termi's.....oh the Termi's just make this bike sound the way is is supposed to. Well worth the money in my opinion.

By the way, for the other posts regarding the Termi install, my dealer installed the slip ons, ECU and filter at time of delivery, wrapped and packed the stock parts for me and DID NOT install the db killers. They said hardly any of their customers want them in. The bike is not as loud as some of the other posts suggest. In my opinion, without the db killers, I would put the sound somewhere between a police Harley and the vast majority of Harleys on the road.

Glad to be a new member
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