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1999 Monster 900S For Sale

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Selling my 99 Monster 900S with lots of goodies.

Ohlins rear shock
Racetec gold valves in front suspension
Nickels aluminum clutch (3 pounds lighter than stock)
41MM Flatslide carburetors (Keheine)
Valve job completed at 12,000 miles; valve collets (Martin Brickwood collets) added so no valve check required for an additional 12,000 miles
Carbon fiber pipes
Steering Dampner
Correzzaria forged aluminum wheels
Carbon Fiber bikini faring
Carbon Fiber front and rear fenders
Carbon Fiber chain guard
Carbon Fiber cylinder air intakes
Steel braided brake lines, front and rear
Batalax Tires BTO14 front-good condition, BTO20 rear- 2k miles
Sergeant seat
Seat Cowl
Stock carburetors have been jetted; will go with bike

Excellent bike, fast and fun and great on the eyes, am asking $ 5,600.00, bike is in SC. email [email protected]
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Do you have any larger photos?
Send me your e-mail I can mail you any size you like
by the way she now has 16.9 k miles
That's one hot bike and one of the more desirable dual sided swingarm Monsters. Other items I see which were not mentioned in the goodies list are the floating cast iron front rotors and the floating rear caliper brake. You can see what I'm referring to about the front rotors here. For the record, the only monster that got these stock was the 1999. The 2000S also got the floating rear caliper and the Ohlins, but not the cast iron full floating front rotors. Only 1999 Monsters had the cast iron rotors (other Ducati's had them at different times, but the only monster that ever came with them stock was the 1999).

If you like you can email me the pictures and I'll post them up here for you.

Best of luck with your sale

Thanks Terry. Sale is pending. Dude has until Monday to come up with the cash. I hat to let her go but have five other bikes in the garage. Thanks again for you comment.
SOLD !!!!!!!!! [clap]

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