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Hey all,

Been lurking for some time. What a great bunch of guys and gals and a wealth of knowledge as well! Had a ST1100 that I had to sell to fund a Ducati. Now I have some money to spend and the hunt is on. Was wondering if anyone on the board here has had an SS (or maybe you own both) and could give me some compare/contrast feedback of that model vs. the Monster. First Ducati I rode was a 2000 750SS with Forza pipes and I will never forget that sound. I remember pulling up to a stop and listening to those great sounding pipes on the over run and seeing a couple of guys walking across a parking lot look over to see what that sweet sound was!

Might also be interested in 750 vs. 900 as well.

Central Texas

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ducatis! I had Ducati lust for many years before buying my Monster. Here's my .02 worth: Wanted a 900SS forever. Really liked the CR best because it let me see the awesome motor and trellis frame rather than hiding it behind the full SS fairing. Spent some time riding a few sport bikes (H*nda RC 51 for instance) and came away with the realization that the riding position would be crap for long rides, particularly my daily commute. The more I sat on the Monster the more I loved it. Great riding position, great sound, you can see the motor and frame - it's all good! As far as size goes, in hindsight I'd buy the 900 (or the new 1000DS) just because it's more at home on the freeway drone to work. One thing's for sure, you will love owning a Ducati and particularly a Monster. Welcome!
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