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Hi All,

I have a question regarding the vertical head on the 1996 M900.

We purchased a 1996 M900 for my wife with the basic upgrades, D & D's,
Jet Kit, K & N. I noticed the other day a slight oil leak from right behind the
spark plug in the vertical cylinder. Closer inspection revealed a small dab of
what seems to be epoxy. Not sure what is in that spot as it has a dab of
epoxy and before chipping it off and creating an even bigger issue I would
like to know what is in/on this little flat spot. I looked at a 1996 SS and it
has a Socket head screwed in it. On my wife's it does not seem to have a

I apologize up front it is difficult to explain where this spot is but if you look
at the vertical head (it is not on the horizontal head) it is a small flat spot
just to the right side of the spark plug. It looks to be a tap into an oil galley??

Thank you ,

Len B
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