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All parts are off of a 1994 M900 Ducati Monster and are located in Atlanta, GA. Shipping for the big stuff will probably be expensive. Any offers will be listened to and prices are just suggested. Email me at [email protected] for photos and more info. Thanks!

Stock Wheelset - $350 - Include sprocket, and 3 year old Pilot Power tires that have about 100 miles on them.

Front Brake Rotors - $150 - Stock and in good shape

Front forks w/ Triple Trees - $150 - Forks have overspray and are well used. Triples are in good shape

Stock Aluminum Swingarm - $50 - Axle holes are rounded out on inside of swing arm. not in rideable shape currently.

Gastank - $100 - Had dents that had been repaired and is resprayed flat black. The inside is in pretty good shape.

Header Pipes - $50 - not in the best shape but no terrible dents.
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