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1098...alright, let's hear it.

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OK, just out of curiosity, but likely not out of originality, what does everyone think of the new superbike?

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Rameses said:
Different doesn't always mean better.

I, for one, thought the front end of the 999 was hideous.
Yeah Ram always liked a little more BLing in his Front End... Grillz Baby!!!!


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New Motor Cycle mag has the TenNineEight in it....and i like it!!! its pretty snazzy....Sexy.... love the front end... The headlights i like a lot better than the over under style on the 999 (though the it was nice to see a change from the decade of the hammerhead look).

I will be up for buying one of these.... but i need to see an S version or R....not that i could get the R... but an S version for 18,000.... I could do that!!!
Rameses said:
Try 20...

ok... 20,000 i can still do that... :) but the Parts Unlimited S of the 999 was MSRP at 19,000
sennaster said:
yeah but thats to get rid of last years old stock, this is the new big thing. msrp is 15 for the standard, 20 for the 'S', 25 for the 'tricolor'

That Tri-Color is just BUTT Ugly.... not sure what they were thinking with that...but the rest of that bike is just pure sexy!!!
Rameses said:

Are you kidding me?!

I love the paint job.
I just think its all tooooo much... maybe white and Red... but white black green red gold... its all to overwhelming...

THe Alice paint scheme is nice... nicly played...not too over the top, thats what they should have done. Now for the bike with the extras...it rocks...
evltwin said:
Just thought I'd let everyone know...


Still a stunning bike non the less!!!! I would love to jump on that...but i have to wait till my wife has a kid i think..before i can jump on another bike!!!
1 - 6 of 47 Posts
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