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Bike is located in South Jersey (about 1/2 way between Philadelphia Pa and Atlantic city)
Please email me for other pics or details. I switched to mac and haven't found an easy way to upload pics the way I used to. Here's a list of mods,

Rizoma clutch, front/rear brake reservoirs
Rizoma Billet rear suspension arch
Dymag CF wire spoked wheels
Speedymoto anodized retainers
Barnett aluminum clutch pack
Speedymoto pressure plate
40t aluminum rear sprocket
FBF lightweight flywheel
Vee two billet clutch hub
Rizoma circut 851 mirrors
Speedymoto SS springs
Procutting clutch basket
Evoluzione clutch slave
DP crankcase breather
Cyclecat frame sliders
Leo Vince CF pipes
14t front sprocket
Billet belt covers
CF fenders

The forks have also been re-valved and different springs, it's right on the tip of my tongue, but I can't remember what went in there off the top of my head and I'm at work. This bike isn't a garage queen, but that's not to say it's a beater either, it's as any Monster should be IMO, an awesome rider.

I'm selling this as a package, it'll come with a rear stand, a front stand, a shim kit, I'll throw in a Nolan helmet with a flip up front and the blue tooth. Baxley sport chock, some leathers, a stock set of wheels, the stock ECU, the stock tank, all for $6k

(It's got Rizoma LED blinkers on it since this pic)

email will yield the quickest replies trianglechoke comcast.net

Thanks for looking,
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